• Radio stations – that’s a good website, where you can find all Russian radio stations according to your musical preferences or any other goals.


• Audio books – we’ve found a nice portal with many audio books that are absolutely free.


• Podcasts – this site includes a full list of various fantastic podcasts! – podcast for Russian language enthusiasts



• Movies

Here we recommend three the most popular film studious in USSR and their movies: Mosfilm, Lenfilm and Odessa film studio.


• Series and shows

“Как я стал русским” – 20 comedy episodes about a young American guy who is becoming Russian.

“Мастер маргарита” – series based on the popular Michael Bulgakov’s novel.

“Кухня” – very nice series about chef and his team (with English subs).

“Идиот” – the Dostoevsky’s novel adapted into a film.

Other hilarious series like “Смешарики”/Kikoriki, “Better then us”, “Маша и медведь” / “Masha and the bear” you can watch on Netflix!



• Books – this source includes thousands of Russian books. And yes, you can find even your favorite American books here and read them in Russian!


• News

Independent and Relatively Independent Sources:,,,

Government-Controlled Sources:,,,,


• Blogs

Following the links below you will find the information published by foreigners who experienced the life in Russia.,,,,