about Yaroslavl

Middlebury School in Russia




Yaroslavl is the oldest city in the program – it was founded in 1010 on the Volga river.  Yaroslavl saw all the rulers, and all big and small historical events had a print on a city. This is a unique experience of a true Russian city without going deep into continent.


Yaroslavl, as a part of “The Golden Ring” route, attracts thousand tourists with it’s reach history. There are more than 40 churches, 3 active monasteries, catholic church, mosque etc.


Yaroslavl is a big city  of more than 600.000 inhabitants, yet has the feeling of a small, cozy town. Students don’t need to use public transportation if they don’t want that – all hosts are located within a walking distances from the university in a city center. One trip on trolleybus costs around 20 cents. Taxi – is a very cheap transport option – around 2 dollars in the city center.


Yaroslavl is close to both capitals of Russia

  • Moscow – every day few trains goes both directions, take 3 to 4 hours one direction, which give a great opportunity to travel abroad on a long weekends.
  • Very easy travelling to Saint Petersburg – two trains every evening both directions.


Students in our program have almost no interactions with foreigners, which means you have more opportunity to practice your Russian in Yaroslavl.

In Yaroslavl, the MCSiR is located in the Pedagogical University with a strong Philological faculty, providing us with a hard-liners in language teaching. Even our tutors are future teachers of Russian as a foreign language.


We offer a strong course on Politics and contemporary history with a unique excursions to the City Council,  Yaroslavl Duma, meeting with head of the trade-union of the Yaroslavl region, members of political parties. Our professors, who have worked with us for many years, are not only a theorists but also in knowledgeable in practical politics.