about Moscow

Middlebury School in Russia




Moscow is a huge metropolis with never-ending traffic, huge crowds. It is rapidly changing, there are new parks, art clusters, etc. opening every year. It is European, but also has a lot of Soviet heritage and is the perfect place to study Soviet history. There are a lot of parks, but of course nature is not that easily accessible. Moscow is a travel hub.


Moscow is the heart of Russian politics. We offer a number of classes on Russian politics, contemporary society and language of the Muscovites.

Students study in three different schools and can take classes at any departments at these universities. It is a great advantage, but also may be difficult for some students to make their choice. One of our partner universities is a theater institute. Students take speech practice with one of the theater professors. It is not just phonetics, it has theater movement techniques and breathing exercises too.

While it is easy to find math, physics, programming classes, we cannot offer chemistry and biology classes at this site.

Students go on excursions and tours with their professors as a part of their classes


Very rich theater scene. Endless museums, restaurants, cafes.


One of the most beautiful subways in the world, very convenient too. Public transportation in general is very easy to figure out and very convenient. 

Student Life

Students have an option of living in a dorm.

Students have to often commute to get between universities, it is a lot of time on public transport. It is challenging at times.

The Moscow program has a buddy system, so our students have to hang out with Russian students.

There are a lot of opportunities to spend money and it is definitely more expensive than other sites.


Unique  internships opportunities with international companies.