about Irkutsk

Middlebury School in Russia



Location & History

Irkutsk is a capital of the Eastern Siberia which was established by the Russian Kazaks in the 17 century.

The city has a very deep history and full of important events: the conquering of Siberia and the Russian America, the Great Tea Road, the Russian Civil War and constructing of the Trans Siberian railway.


Irkutsk is a place where the European and Asian cultures combine. This feature can be seen everywhere: ethnic cuisines, clothes, traditions, religion and superstitions.

Entertainment & Art

The city is developed in the cultural and educational way. There are plenty of theaters, museums, cinemas and universities. The world famous authors Alexander Vampilov and Valentin Rasputin were born here.


The nature around Irkutsk is absolutely unique! The deepest lake in the world Lake Baikal is located only 50 miles far from the city. There is 25% of all fresh water. The lake is surrounded by high mountains, Siberian forests and fast rivers. That’s why it is a very good place for hiking, camping and learning of nature.


Students can take internships at one of ecological organizations and science institutes.


It’s very sunny in Siberia; there are more than 200 sunny days per year. Moreover, you can experience all 4 seasons: “Golden” fall, severe and frosty winter, blooming spring and hot summer.